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  • Strategic Priority 4: Generosity

    A strategic priority focusing on the ethics of care and hospitality to support thriving learners and flourishing communities.  

    Advancing this strategic priority is supported by the following strategic actions: 

    4.1. Building safe, modern, and accessible indoor and outdoor learning and work environments in all schools and workplaces. 

    4.2. Expanding safe, active, and equitable transportation to and from school. 

    4.3. Implementing universal full-day Kindergarten and a more equitable approach to before-and-after school care in all elementary schools. 

    4.4. Creating a flexible, short-term learning and therapeutic space for students in elementary and high schools needing to be away from a school to support their successful return to a classroom.  

    4.5. Implementing a universal healthy foods and beverages program. 

    4.6. Fulfilling the aspirations, protocols, and practices of the Employment Equity Policy. 

    4.7. Implementing a “Nurture our Diversity” teacher development program that supports students that identify as members of historically oppressed, marginalized, and underrepresented groups in the teaching profession to successfully complete two post-secondary degrees and start their teaching career in LRSD.