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Learning Engagement, & Well-Being Dashboard

Louis Riel School Division’s (LRSD) Student Key Indicator Dashboard provides the public with an interactive display of various student outcome indicators. This dashboard is intended as a transparent and easy-to-navigate method of monitoring the impact of the strategic actions outlined in our Multi-Year Strategic Plan (MYSP).

Primary data sources for this dashboard include academic proficiency and learning behaviour data assessed by teachers and captured in report cards, demographic and attendance data captured in our Student Information System, and data from the OurSchool online student survey (The Learning Bar Inc.).

 This dashboard displays key student performance measures in three broad areas:


Learnind%20Indicators%20Dashboard%20Button-1.pngKey indicators of academic achievement include key literacy and numeracy skills, final mark distribution and credit attainment in core high school courses, as well as graduation rates.


Key indicators of student engagement include students’ self-perception of interest and motivation, teachers’ ratings of students’ active participation in learning, as well as regular attendance.

social-emotional%20Well-Being%20Dashboard.png Key indicators of student social-emotional well-being include students’ self-reported sense of belonging, levels of anxiety, depression and self-esteem, as well as how safe they feel attending school.