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Student Enrolment Dashboard

Explore Louis Riel School Division’s student enrolment data using this interactive dashboard. View current enrolment and trends. All dashboard pages are interactive, allowing you to click on a table, bar or pie chart to filter the visuals.   

Click through the data to view current enrolment by grade, school, gender, self-declared Indigenous status, self-declared cultural identity, and first language. For example, clicking on the Grade 1 bar will display the distribution of Grade 1 students across the schools.  

Similarly, the Enrolment Trends page displays divisional trends (as of September 30 each year). Clicking on a school name in the school table will change all other graphs to display enrolment trends for that school only.  

On mobile devices, this dashboard is best viewed in landscape mode.

Data refreshes every school day at 4:30 p.m.