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  • Multi-Year Strategic Plan 2023-2027

    The Multi-Year Strategic Plan (MYSP) for 2023-2027 is centred on key insights gleaned from the Progress Report: Taking Stock of our MYSP for 2019-2023, published in March 2023. Ongoing opportunities in April, May, and June for community to engage with drafting the MYSP and provide feedback shaped further refinements. A key takeaway based on feedback from staff and students was that the MYSP for 2023-2027 should maintain and further refine the four strategic priorities from 2019-2023.  

    The MYSP is inspired from the idea that broad collective agreement about expectations and commitments is essential to achieving a more fulfilling and flourishing life at school and work. The plan emphasizes our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) principles, Indigenous worldviews and perspectives, co-stewardship with all staff, partnership with families, nurturing student voice and agency, leveraging and developing our data literacy, as well as collaboration with governments and community.   

    The MYSP is informed by the Manitoba Government's K to 12 Education Action Plan, Manitoba’s Indigenous Education Policy Framework – Mamàhtawisiwin: The Wonder We Are Born With and the International Science and Evidence based Education (ISEE) Assessment published in 2022. 

    The MYSP is also a multi-disciplinary endeavour that builds on the provincial and national research projects and initiatives that LSRD has co-designed with universities and educational partners. 

    To learn more about the MYSP’s four strategic priorities and 25 actions that will guide the LRSD community on its journey for 2023-2027 open the following links. 

    Strategic Priority 1: Belonging  

    A strategic priority focusing on inclusion to foster well-becoming to ensure students and staff are welcomed, accepted, valued, healthy, and safe while at school and in the workplace; and parents/guardians are welcomed and valued as essential partners.  

    Strategic Priority 2: Mastery

    A strategic priority focusing on equity to support student learning by ensuring that pedagogical and clinical approaches and practices are sensitive to students’ individual circumstances so that all students thrive and realize their full potential.  

    Strategic Priority 3: Independence  

    A strategic priority focusing on engagement and innate curiosity to nurture responsibility, empower self-directed learners, and inspire life-long learning.

    Strategic Priority 4: Generosity  

    A strategic priority focusing on the ethics of care and hospitality to support thriving learners and flourishing communities.