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  • Online Courses


    The Louis Riel School Division is pleased to announce that a number of online courses will be offered during the 2022 - 23 school year. All students who are currently attending an LRSD high school are eligible for these courses with the approval of their high school administration. Prospective online students who are not currently attending an LRSD school must seek alternative options. Various circumstances can make online courses an appropriate option for some students:

    • an interest in learning through this delivery method
    • course conflict
    • full schedule
    • course not offered at their home school
    • school absence due to illness/surgery, elite athletics, etc.

    What to Expect

    Taking a course online is challenging and requires students to be willing to commit the same amount of time as they typically would in a face-to-face classroom environment. Past experience indicates that interested students should possess the following characteristics:

    • capable of an appropriate level of independent learning
    • excellent time management skills
    • a willingness to contribute to discussions and to share problems and opinions online

    An online course delivery tool called Brightspace  and Microsoft TEAMS is used to deliver course content. Teachers provide students with course outlines, assignments, tests and feedback using this system and e-mail. Course content is available on the Internet at all times.

    The following courses will be offered in 2022-2023:

    • Applied Mathematics 30S
    • Applied Mathematics 40S
    • Essentials Mathematics 30S
    • Essentials Mathematics 40S
    • English Comprehensive Focus 30S
    • English Comprehensive Focus 40S
    • English Transactional Focus 40S
    • History 30F
    • English and French Physical Education 30S
    • English and French Physical Education 40S
    • Biology30S and  40S (first semester only, limited access)

    Candidates for the Program

    Ideally, students interested in registering for an online course should be self-motivated, capable of independent learning and have excellent time management skills. Students will be responsible for meeting deadlines, completing assignments and contributing to online discussions while working in the online environment. Students will have a school contact teacher to facilitate communication and provide additional support. Finally, students must be currently attending an LRSD School.

    Application forms can be obtained from an LRSD high school's Students Service Department.