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  • Applied Business Management

    Program Description

    The Applied Business Management Program is designed for students with a strong personal interest in business, economics and entrepreneurship. Students interested in entrepreneurial endeavors will receive theoretical and practical experiences through project-based learning.

    Prerequisites and Beneficial Skills

    • High school students have completed Grade 10.
    • Post-secondary students have completed Grade 12.
    • Applicants not meeting the entrance requirements may be accepted as mature students. Skills assessment may be required.
    • Basic keyboarding skills and basic knowledge of Windows operating system is also recommended.
    • Ability to follow directions, work with minimum supervision and meet deadlines.
    • Ability to work in a team environment.
    • Attention to neatness, detail and organization.


    During part two of the program students will be provided the opportunity to work with clients over a period of four months. Students will design and develop a marketing plan based on the client's needs.  Students will participate in a one month off-site internship. Occasionally, students may be required to meet clients at their place of business.  

    Certification - Dual Credit Options

    We have an arrangement with The University of Winnipeg where upon completion of the program, in addition to the eight high school credits, students will be able to earn up to six credit hours in the Faculty of Business at The University of Winnipeg. The dual credit courses are Introduction to Business I  and Introduction to Business II.

    After acceptance into ABM:

    To be eligible to take the University of Winnipeg's Introduction to Business 1

    Grade 11 students must have completed English 30S by the start of their program and have an average of no less than 70%.

    To be eligible to take the University of Winnipeg's Introduction to Business 2

    Grade 12 students must have completed or be taking a Mathematics 40S credit while in the course.

    While currently Essentials Math is acceptable, preference is Pre-Calculus Math, no less than Applied Mathematics. For students to continue on into the Faculty of Business at the U of W, students who took Essentials 40S will be required to take a bridge math course. This is under review by the U of W. 

    International Students

    The Louis Riel Arts and Technology Centre will accept International Students. All inquiries are handled by the Louis Riel School Division International Student Program (ISP). Please refer to the links below for more information on the possibility of registering and tuition costs.

    International Student Program

    International Student Tuition and Program Fees

    Overview and fees

    Application Fee

    $20 (n/a for high school students)


    NO COST (high school students)
    $2,750 per Semester

    $5,500 Full Program

    Student Fee

    $25 per Semester

    Textbook Fee

    $100 (refundable)

    Additional Costs

    $30.00 for accounting workbook
    *students are encouraged to bring their own laptops (BYOD)

    Tuition is subject to change and is assessed at time of registration.

    Program Advantages

    • Opportunity to earn university credits
    • A combination of theory and project based learning
    • Manual and computerized accounting
    • Working collaboratively with students in other programs
    • Collaborating with clients in real world settings
    • Up-to-date software and lab facilities
    • Industry internship (4 weeks) and employability skills