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Community of Schools

Our community of schools strives to ensure that every student receives a quality education in a caring and nurturing environment. If you would like to see which elementary schools are in a high school's catchment area, visit the Family of Schools or Locate a School webpages. Learn more about all of our schools and visit their websites below.

Archwood School800 Archibald St(204) 233-7983English
Collège Béliveau296 Speers Rd(204) 255-3205French Immersion
Collège Jeanne-Sauvé1128 Dakota St(204) 257-0124French Immersion
Dakota Collegiate661 Dakota St(204) 256-4366English
Darwin School175 Darwin St(204) 257-2904English
Dr. D. W. Penner School121 Hazelwood Cres(204) 256-1135English
École George-McDowell366 Paddington Rd(204) 253-1492French Immersion
École Guyot400 Willowlake Cres(204) 257-2540French Immersion
École Henri-Bergeron363 Enfield Cres(204) 233-7079French Immersion
École Howden150 Howden Rd(204) 257-0656French Immersion
École Julie-Riel316 Ashworth St(204) 253-2363French Immersion
École Marie-Anne-Gaboury95 Pulberry St(204) 253-9704French Immersion
École Provencher320 ave de la Cathedrale(204) 233-0222French Immersion
École Sage Creek School315 Sage Creek Blvd(204) 253-8199English/French Imm.
École St. Germain77 John Forsyth Rd(204) 254-0120French Immersion
École Van Belleghem10 Vermillion Rd(204) 255-1134French Immersion
École Varennes22 Varennes Ave(204) 253-1375French Immersion
Frontenac School866 Autumnwood Dr(204) 257-0609English
General Vanier School18 Lomond Blvd(204) 255-1400English
Glenlawn Collegiate770 St. Mary's Rd(204) 233-3986English
Glenwood School51 Blenheim Ave(204) 233-3619English
H. S. Paul School160 Southglen Blvd(204) 254-7477English
Hastings School50 Hastings Blvd(204) 253-1371English
Highbury School99 Highbury Rd(204) 254-5078English
Island Lakes Community School445 Island Shore Blvd(204) 254-6247English
J. H. Bruns Collegiate250 Lakewood Blvd(204) 257-2928English
Lavallee School505 St. Anne's Rd(204) 253-1388English
Louis Riel Arts & Technology Centre5 deBourmont Ave(204) 237-8951English
Marion School619 Des Meurons St(204) 233-2893English
Minnetonka School200 Minnetonka St(204) 257-8114English
Nelson McIntyre Collegiate188 St. Mary's Rd(204) 237-0219English
Niakwa Place School200 Pebblebeach Rd(204) 257-0640English
Nordale School99 Birchdale Ave(204) 237-0202English
René Deleurme Centre511 St. Anne's Rd(204) 257-7308English
Samuel Burland School192 Burland Ave(204) 254-0124English
Shamrock School831 Beaverhill Blvd(204) 257-0637English
St. George School151 St. George Rd(204) 253-2646English
Victor H. L. Wyatt School485 Meadowood Dr(204) 255-7880English
Victor Mager School81 Beliveau Rd(204) 253-9873English
Windsor Park Collegiate1015 Cottonwood Rd(204) 256-7316English
Windsor School80 Cunnington Ave(204) 237-4057English