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  • Newcomer & EAL Programs

    English as an Additional Language

    The newcomer community we welcome from around the world is diverse. Our newcomer students' English language proficiency, school experiences, pathways of arrival to Canada, and family backgrounds differ, and our EAL programming strives to respond to these differing needs and circumstances.  The Louis Riel School Division's School and Classroom Supports Team provides programming guidance and professional development to school teams.

    The team supports school teams in the areas of:

    • student assessment 
    • instructional practice
    • welcoming newcomer students and their families guided by an ethic of hospitality


    Newcomer Settlement Supports

    As Winnipeg's newcomer population grows, so do the needs for programs and services to assist them. The Louis Riel School Division's Neighbourhood Immigrant Settlement Program, funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada and located at the René Deleurme Centre provides orientation, information, programs and settlement services to support the needs of newcomer permanent residents.

    For more information on EAL programs and services and the supports for newcomers please fill out the contact form.