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  • Strategic Priority 2: Mastery

    A strategic priority focusing on equity to support student learning by ensuring that pedagogical and clinical approaches and practices are sensitive to students’ individual circumstances so that all students thrive and realize their full potential.  

    Advancing this strategic priority is supported by the following strategic actions: 

    2.1. Strengthening a learner-centred approach that emphasizes the interconnectedness between cognition, metacognition, social-emotional learning, academic learning, and well-becoming to ensure instruction is tailored to meet and build on the unique needs, interests, aptitudes, and abilities of individual learners and communities of learners. 

    2.2. Enhancing a culture that engages student voice and agency to meaningfully centre the student experience in decision making in classrooms, schools, and divisional systems. 

    2.3. Employing and refining universal early screening and monitoring to ensure a preventive and proactive approach to teaching and systemic interventions.  

    2.4. Creating and implementing a curriculum to nurture social and emotional competencies in all Kindergarten to Grade 12 classrooms. 

    2.5. Increasing equitable access to the French Immersion program.  

    2.6. Enhancing the Early Start French in Kindergarten to Grade 3 and French Communication and Culture in Grades 4 to 12 curriculums in our English program schools.