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  • ECHO

    Echo is a comprehensive program designed to support Indigenous students' academic achievement and engagement as they transition into high school. 

    Echo is a student-centred enrichment program that recognizes the importance of culture and embedding Indigenous worldviews and practices in learning and activities to validate student identity and support student achievement. 

    The Echo program continues to evolve and looks different in each of our buildings, meeting the specific needs of each school community. All LRSD high schools currently have an Echo teacher who oversees programming and Indigenous student support. This can include collaborative planning with families, advocating with school staff and creating partnerships with community agencies. This helps students build networks and access to resources that will help them on their learning journey.

    Why consider an Echo educational experience?

    • I value an Indigenous perspective to enrich my education
    • I value a supportive relationship with an Indigenous teacher as my primary teacher, advocate, and role model
    • I value a smaller classroom that emphasizes relationships, community, acceptance, connection, and opportunities
    • My parents would value working with an Indigenous teacher to support my education
    • I value a strength-based program that helps students like me to find my gifts and greater understanding of my heritage

    A Grade 9 Echo Program Will

    • Discover and develop the gifts of Indigenous students
    • Frame a vision of students' potential
    • Increase belonging and community
    • Strengthen relationships between school and family
    • Enrich student learning and engagement through traditional teachings, supports, and opportunities
    • Support a successful transition to high school

    Which Grade 9 credits will be offered through ECHO?

    • ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies are delivered within the ECHO program
    • Courses will run in both the first and second semester
    • The additional four courses are Physical Education, Reading is Thinking, and three electives