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  • Treaty Education Initiative

    The Treaty Education Initiative (TEI) is a learning outcome for all Manitoba students to demonstrate knowledge of the topics, concepts and understandings of the Treaties and the Treaty Relationship by the end of Grade 12. 

    TEI aims to:

    • Increase the knowledge and understanding of the Treaties and the Treaty Relationship among all students;
    • Ensure students understand the impact of the Treaties and the Treaty Relationship on the creation of Manitoba;
    • Build bridges between all peoples to strengthen our society and our prosperity.

    During the 2014-2015 school year, TEI training was offered to LRSD in cooperation with the Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba. At least one administrator attended from each LRSD school. In total, 140 LRSD administrators and teachers have taken training in the Treaty Education materials. 

    For the 2015-2016 school year, teachers and administrators who received the training will begin sharing it with their school community. 

    Teachers will be encouraged to experiment with the teaching materials and deepen their understanding of the Treaties and the Treaty relationship. We will also bring a divisional team together to look at the materials and develop a K-12 learning continuum with supporting professional learning resources.

    By 2017, our goal is to have Treaties taught at every grade level in every school. Treaty Education offers an important opportunity for all our students to learn about our shared history and how we are connected through the Treaty relationship.