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  • Indigenous Enrichment Program

    The Enrichment program/Interactive classroom  is a space used for student and staff learning; there is space for activities, a sharing circle, and hundreds of artifacts for students and teachers to explore and learn from that extend school programming.

    Each year, we bring over 150 classes of middle years students in for a half-day of activities. 

    This program aims to provide engaging learning opportunities for students and build greater teacher understanding. 

    The sessions focus on specific curricular clusters. In 2014-2015, we were in year three of a three-year cycle, focusing on Grade 4 and Grade 6 social studies clusters. The focus on the programming this year is numeracy.

    In 2016 we moved our Indigenous Enrichment Program centre to Marion school, offering a new space to facilitate our growing program. 

    Marion Indigenous Education (1).jpegMarion Indigenous Education (2).jpegMarion Indigenous Education (3).jpegEnrichment3.png