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  • English Language Arts

    Language is the basis of all communication, and proficiency in English Language Arts enables students to establish relationships, understand social situations, extend experiences, and reflect on thought and action.

    Language proficiency generates confidence and competence in communicating, and allows students to excel in other disciplines. The provincial curriculum stresses the integrated nature of the six language arts: listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing and representing.

    Speaking and Listening

    Listening and speaking enable students to explore ideas and concepts and to understand and organize their experiences and knowledge.

    Reading and Writing

    Reading and writing enable students to extend their knowledge and use of language, increase their understanding of themselves and others, and experience enjoyment and personal satisfaction. Writing enables students to explore, shape and clarify their thoughts, and to communicate them to others.

    Viewing and Representing

    Viewing enables students to acquire information and to appreciate ideas and experiences visually conveyed by others. Representing enables students to communicate their ideas visually through a variety of media including charts, posters, diagrams, scribbles, photographs, video presentations, visual art, drama and mime.

    The English Language Arts classrooms in the Louis Riel School Division create optimal conditions for language development at all levels by ensuring that:

    • students have opportunities to be immersed in language and language-based activities
    • students use language for authentic, real-life purposes, and have many opportunities to various language forms for personal, social and academic needs
    • students assume increasing responsibility for their own learning
    • all students are expected to learn to communicate
    • risk taking and approximations are encouraged as steps in the language learning process
    • learners receive and provide ongoing feedback, and reflect on their growth in language learning

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