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  • Visual Arts

    ​Art is for everyone; everyone is an artist.

    The Louis Riel School Division believes that fostering an appreciation for the arts promotes understanding. By cultivating artistic abilities we are encouraging creativity and communication, and when we learn to respond to art, we grow.

    Although provincial arts curriculum is currently undergoing review, the Louis Riel School Division celebrates its Visual Arts programming. The Division believes that arts education is not about the final product, but rather the journey. Students are encouraged to celebrate in their progress and development.


    Teachers participate in various hands-on workshops that allow them to share advice, showcase student work and learn. These workshops also instill a general appreciation for learning among students, when they know that their teachers are also "going to school".


    Students are encouraged to perform peer evaluations, in which they learn PQP (praise, question and polish) a technique that teaches invaluable skills such as the importance of support, forming an opinion, constructive evaluation and diplomacy.

    Students and teachers also participate in "Art Talk", a sharing environment in which everyone, regardless of ability, can discuss works in progress and learn from each other. Art is a collaborative endeavour, and this milieu allows all students to gain and contribute inspiration.

    For more information about Arts Education (Visual Arts) curricula visit the Government of Manitoba website.