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  • Physical Education

    Physical Education & Health Education

    The Healthy Kids, Healthy Futures Task Force Report was released in June 2005, and the Manitoba Government has pledged to implement all 47 of its recommendations. The Task Force Report encourages parents, guardians, students and schools to work together to determine what will work best in their community to:

    • help youth take greater ownership of their own physical fitness
    • promote the discovery of activities suited to their own individual interests
    • encourage active lifestyles that persist into their futures

    Two of the recommendations for September 2008 implementation state that the provincial government will:

    • develop a PE/HE curriculum for Grade 11 and Grade 12 students
    • require all Grade 11 and Grade 12 students to complete two PE/HE credits for graduation, in addition to the two credits required in Grade 9 and Grade 10

    School Divisions are required to use the Implementation of Grades 11 and 12 Physical Education/Health Education: A Policy Document to help implement the changes.

    In 2006, Manitoba Education, Citizenship and Youth undertook five consultations to outline a framework to develop Grade 11 and 12 Physical and Health Education curriculums in Manitoba Schools.

    LRSD has also developed an informational brochure for parents and the community to help outline the steps that LRSD is taking to facilitate this implementation.

    To gain a better understanding of this new curriculum please visit the Physical Education/Health Education page of the Manitoba Education, Citizenship and Youth website.