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  • Divisional Policies - J

    Section J of the NEPN classification system contains policies on students, including those related to admissions, attendance, rights and responsibilities, behaviour, health and well-being, fundraising, fees and records management.

    Listed below are Section J policies applicable to the Louis Riel School Division. To the right of each title are links to the main policy as well as supporting documents, such as protocols, appendices and forms. Note that some links are restricted to divisional employees.


    NEPN CodeTitleLinks to policies and support documents 
    JBAAppropriate Educational Programming

    JBBAppropriate Educational Programming: Dispute ResolutionPolicy

    JFStudent Admission to School-Kindergarten to Grade 12Policy

    JFBB/JFABBAdmission of International and Exchange StudentsPolicyProtocol
    JJD/JQAssessment of Fees to StudentsPolicyProtocol
    JJE-1Student Fundraising Activity: School-Initiated

    JJE-2Student Fundraising Activity: Parent-InitiatedPolicy

    JJE-3Student Fundraising Activity: Charitable InitiativesPolicy

    JJE-4Student Fundraising Activity: Fundraising for School TripsPolicy

    JKSupporting Student Behaviour




    JLCCCommunicable DiseasesPolicy

    Protocol 1

    Protocol 2

    JLCDAdministering Medicines to Students (Administration of Prescription or Over-The-Counter Medication)Policy

    JLCE-1First Aid and Emergency Medical Care (Administration of Urgently Required Medication/Treatment)PolicyProtocolForms are linked within the policy
    JLCE-2First Aid and Emergency Medical Care (Anaphylaxis)PolicyProtocolForms are linked within the policy
    JLFReporting Concerns About Child AbusePolicy

    JLIAASupervision of Students: Lunch Supervision – Grades K-8Policy

    Pupil Files/Student RecordsPolicyProtocolForm
    JRB/JRCClass Lists: Protection of InformationPolicy