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  • Divisional Policies - I

    Section I: Instruction

    Section I of the NEPN classification system contains policies pertaining to the instructional program, including curriculum, instructional resources and materials, and academic achievement.

    Listed below are Section I policies applicable to the Louis Riel School Division. To the right of each title are links to the main policy as well as supporting documents, such as protocols, appendices and forms. Note that some links are restricted to divisional employees.


    NEPN CodeTitleLinks to policies and support documents
    IDSchool DayPolicy
    IFCCommitment to Indigenous Perspectives in EducationPolicy
    IGCCChallenge for Credit Option - Grade 9 to 12PolicyProtocol
    IHAH-1French Instruction in English Program SchoolsPolicy

    IHAH-2Indigenous Language Instruction in SchoolsPolicy

    IHBCommitment to Indigenous Student AchievementPolicy

    IHBEBABilingual Instruction: French Immersion EducationPolicy

    IHCExtended Instructional Programs/Activities: (Off-School Site Education)PolicyProtocolForms
    IJLearning Resources and MaterialsPolicy

    IJAProcedures for the Reconsideration of Learning Resources and MaterialsPolicy
    IJLLibrary Instructional Resources and Materials SelectionPolicy

    IJNDCInternet and Information Systems Use – Staff and Students89.pdfPolicyProtocol
    IJOCCriminal Record Check and Child Abuse Registry Check-School VolunteersPolicy

    IKAcademic Achievement: Assessment and Evaluation of Student LearningPolicy

    IKABAcademic Achievement: Reporting of Student LearningPolicy

    IKAESpecialized AssessmentsPolicy

    IKEGrade Placement of Students: Kindergarten to Grade 8Policy

    IKFCGraduation Requirements - Substitution of CreditsPolicy

    ILBAReview of Divisional ProgramsPolicy

    ILC/KCBBDivisional Data Collection Initiatives: Collection and Use of Information and DataPolicy

    IMBBAccommodations for Required InstructionPolicy

    IMGAnimals in SchoolsPolicyProtocolFormsPolicy