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  • Divisional Policies - G

    Section G: Personnel

    Section G of the NEPN classification system contains policies pertaining to all school division employees with the exception of the Senior Leadership Team (those policies are located in Section C, General School Administration).  

    Listed below are Section G policies applicable to the Louis Riel School Division. To the right of each title are links to the main policy as well as supporting documents, such as protocols, appendices and forms. Note that some links are restricted to divisional employees. 

    NEPN Code

    Links to Policies and Support Documents 

    GBAPolicy: Employment Practices: Diversity Equity and Inclusion
    Protocol: Employment Practices - Admin Protocol
    GBCPolicy: Staff Compensation: Damage to Personal Property
    GBEAPolicy: Staff Ethics - Conflicts of Interest
    Appendix: Conflicts of Interest
    GBEBPolicy: Divisional Standards for Employee Conduct
    Appendix: Divisional Standards for Employee Conduct
    GBGPolicy: Board Commitment to Workplace Safety and Health
    GBGBPolicy: Working Alone or in Isolation
    Form: Risk Assessment for Working Alone or In Isolation Form
    GBGBAPolicy: Safe Work Environment – Violence Prevention
    GBLPolicy: Management of Employee Files
    GCC/GDCPolicy: Teaching and Non-Teaching Leaves: Weather-Related
    GCCAB/GDCBPolicy: Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff Leaves and Absences: Graduation Ceremonies
    GCCAF/ GCCBFPolicy: Teaching Staff Leaves and Absences: Educational Leave
    Policy: Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff Leaves and Absences: Citizenship Ceremonies
    GCF/GDFPolicy: Teaching and Administrative Staff Hiring/Non-Teaching Staff Hiring
    GCFA/GDFAPolicy: Criminal Record Check and Child Abuse Registry Check: Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff 
    GCIAPolicy: Professional Learning Norms
    GCIF-1Policy: Compensation of Staff for Conducting Professional Development Presentations
    GCIF-2Policy: Payment of Honoraria for Presentations and Provisions of Services by Employees
    GCKAPolicy: Reassignment / Transfer of Teachers
    GCKBPolicy: Transfer of Administrators
    GCKCPolicy: Staff Development – Teaching Staff
    GCNAPolicy: Supervision: Instructional/Teaching Staff
    Protocol: Protocol to Evaluate First Year Teachers on Permanent Contracts
    GCNBPolicy: Supervision: Educational Leaders
    Roles and Responsibilities of School Principal 
    Roles and Responsibilities of Vice-Principal  
    Roles and Responsibilities of Coordinators, Consultants, and Supervisors 
    Discussion Guide to Support Leadership Reflection
    GDOPolicyPerformance Evaluation of Non-Teaching Staff