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  • Tom Parker

    Tom.jpg(204) 298-9249

    Ward 4

    School Board Member since 2002

    Tom Parker is currently retired after a rich career in the St. Boniface School Division. During his time at the Division, he was an Elementary School teacher, a physical education supervisor and held the position as Principal at Beliveau Junior High, Radisson Collegiate and Windsor Park Collegiate.

    After retiring, Tom's passion and desire to improve educational opportunities for students remained strong. "Education is the building block for our future and the future of our youth," Tom says, and this Tom Parker.jpgbelief is the driving force behind all the work he does as a member of the LRSD School Board.

    Tom is exceptionally passionate about building the foundation for a successful and positive learning environment, particularly through a focus on reading and arithmetic in the early years (Grade 1-3). Through support of the Board, the Superintendent's team, the Principals and the teachers, the Division prioritizes citizenship, engagement and literacy/numeracy – the keys to success for LRSD students.

    Tom strongly believes school and Divisional teams work together to share their knowledge and assist in developing well-rounded, interesting and useful programs that not only help students find success in the classroom, but also support partnerships in the community and create citizenship opportunities for the future.