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  • EAP Services

    Employee Assistance Program Services

    The Louis Riel School Division has two distinct assistance programs to meet the specific needs of its employees. 

    The Manitoba Teachers' Society HumanaCare provides referral services and counselling sessions in French and English. Services include individual, marital, family and group counselling and are voluntary and confidential Common issues may include:

    • enhancing self-care in a stressful environment
    • dealing with changes and transitions
    • improving professional and personal relationships
    • coping with loss, separation or divorce
    • recognizing and addressing burnout, depression, stress or anxiety
    • addressing marital or family concerns
    • addressing emotional trauma
    • dealing with harassment or abuse

    The Employee Assistance Program for non-teaching staff is a confidential counselling service Blue Cross provides. This plan offers assessment and short-term counselling services to a maximum of twelve sessions per family per calendar year. Areas for counselling include:

    • family/parenting
    • marital/relationship
    • emotional/behavioural
    • stress
    • addictions
    • finances/budgeting
    • psychological disorders