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  • Annual Report to the Community 2019-2020

    While the word unprecedented will be etched into many of our memories as the word used to describe the pandemic and the impact it has had on lives worldwide, three others have been frequently used in the Louis Riel School Division (LRSD). 
    Resilience. Perseverance. Generosity. 
    Since the official suspension of in-class learning in March, there were many challenges for staff, students and families as we collectively and quickly pivoted to remote learning and a new and ever-evolving reality.  
    The 2019-2020 school year truly was unlike any other in our history. 
    What was and still continues to be a significant source of pride for me is how in the face of such monumental change, those three words came up time and time again as we described what we were seeing in our community. 
    Much of what is captured in the 60 pages of our new Annual Report to the Community (ARC) is defined by those three words. 
    The stories in the 2019-2020 ARC showcase the kindness and incredible collective effort of students, staff and families who are instrumental in helping us continue to thrive under extraordinarily challenging circumstances. 
    With features about unique convocation celebrations and a collaborative move to an online world to finding ways to stay connected and helping staff stay safe, the resilience of the LRSD community is highlighted in every page of the ARC.  
    The report also includes stories that celebrate our amazing studentsthe growth happening in LRSD and a look at how we plan on using our 2020-2021 budget.    
    You’ll find the themes of our Multi-Year Strategic Plan echoed throughout the ARC as we celebrate the second year of progress in our goal to provide a safe, inclusive and engaging environment, where personal and collective learning are valued, and each one of us reaches our full potential.  

    Stay safe and be well, 

    Christian Michalik, Superintendent and CEO