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  • Accomplishments and Next Steps


    • Administrative Managers attended training sessions on Accessibility, including developing an accessibility plan and the Customer Service Standard through Accessibility Manitoba and professional associations.
    • Clerical and technical staff at schools and the board office were trained at a professional development session organized by the Division in April.
    • Conducted an internal wheelchair accessibility audit
    • Monteyne Architect Works Inc. completed an audit of all school facilities and their compliance with the Accessibility for Manitobans Act, the Manitoba Building Code and the 2015 City of Winnipeg Accessibility Design Standards. Compliance costs have been estimated and priorities established with a focus on reducing barriers to access services (I.e., signage, door levers, handicap parking stalls, automatic door buttons, ramps, entrance areas, service areas, washrooms, elevators, etc.) within existing and future budgets.
    • IT is auditing the division's websites and assessing compliance with standards, including the WGAG(2) and CNIB standards that we can implement (if not already done) to reduce barriers to accessing services in the division.
    • The  Superintendent’s Team and Trustees received professional reading materials from a MASBO Magazine article in their board packages.
    • Purchasing staff attended a learning session on Accessible Procurement and have initiated regular meetings to discuss accessible procurement practices that will assist with compliance with the Customer Service Standard.
    • Compared and updated existing administrative guidelines to ensure compliance with the Customer Service Standard
    • Prepared training materials for staff training, including information about the Accessibility for Manitobans Act, Human Rights legislation, divisional administrative guidelines and operational protocols, tips and tricks for employees and training videos
    • Staff training is tracked and recorded in the Human Resource information system.

    Next Steps:

    • The division will continue to solicit feedback and update resources, including its administrative guidelines and operational protocols and training materials, as necessary
    • The Customer Service Standard training will be implemented as part of regular employee onboarding.