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​Louis Riel School Division Protocol for the Resolution of Concerns

The Louis Riel School Division Protocol for resolving concerns or conflicts strives to maintain positive, honest and respectful relationships to address misunderstandings that may occur between members of its school community. When such misunderstandings occur, the central priorities must be:

  • the best interests of students who may be affected by the misunderstanding;
  • providing opportunities for the person(s) most closely involved in the misunderstanding to resolve it promptly and conclusively.

Differences of opinion are a normal part of human relationships and offer opportunities for communication, new learning and improved relationships.

In all cases, clear, timely and direct communication assists effective resolution of misunderstandings:

  • When you have a concern regarding a matter involving your young person(s) and another student, beginning with your young person's classroom teacher may help. S/he may direct the inquiry further to another classroom teacher or the administration. However, you may believe the situation is more appropriately addressed by the administration team. If whomever you decide to consult about a conflict between students is not immediately available, leave phone numbers and times when the teacher/administrator can return your call.
  • If you have a concern involving a staff member, please contact that person as your first step. Again, if that person is not immediately available, leave information that will assist him/her to contact you. Once in contact with the staff member, state your concern as clearly and calmly as is possible. This is an opportunity to ensure that any missing information is provided to resolve the concern. Most, if not all, differences can be resolved satisfactorily at this level.

In either instance, if your concern is not satisfactorily resolved your next step is to speak with the Principal or Vice-Principal at the school after informing the staff member that you intend to do so. This action supports honest working relationships between parents/guardians and staff members.

The majority of concerns are resolved at the school level. However, if your concern remains unresolved after discussion with the Principal or Vice-Principal, again after informing him/her of your wish to do so, contacting the Superintendent's Department is appropriate.

If the concern cannot be resolved by contacting the Superintendent's Department, you may then direct your concern, in writing, to the Louis Riel School Board. The School Board will respond, usually following inquiries with the involved parties.

The School Board and the Superintendent's Department trust that this process will result in the satisfactory resolution of those concerns which may, from time to time, arise between members of our school community.

Your cooperation with this Protocol is helpful and appreciated. Communication is the key!

Contact:Louis Riel School Board
​Address:900 St. Mary's Rd.
Winnipeg, MB     R2M 3R3
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Chloe, a student from our Propel program, hosted a Zumba fundraiser at Nelson McIntyre Collegiate for Willow Place Inc., an agency supporting transformation, healing and healthy relationships for women and their children who have experienced domestic violence. Watch the Global News story here: http://bit.ly/LRSD-Zumba-Fundraiser Amazing work, Chloe!

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Chloe, a student in our @propellrsd program, hosted a @zumba fundraiser to support Willow Place, an agency supporti… https://t.co/iFUiaL3Zcq

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It's survey time! We're looking for feedback from the LRSD community to help inform our 2018-2019 budget. Learn more about the budget and complete the survey here: http://bit.ly/LRSD-Budget-Survey-2018

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RT @sigurdson_chris: On stage representing @LRSDschoolboard for the ribbon cutting to officially open @SageCreekLRSD. We wisely let the stu…

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Congratulations to Mitch Bourbonniere on receiving the Governor General’s Award for Outstanding Indigenous Leadership. A well-deserved honour for a member of the Louis Riel School Division.

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RT @TrusteeLouiseJ: What a great example of caring citizens! Thank you! @louis_riel_sd https://t.co/lj2Fy7XKAw

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