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An Update on the New School to Serve Students in Sage Creek and Bonavista from Superintendent Michalik

I am writing to address recent reports from CBC News and Winnipeg Free Press and to reassure you about the ongoing construction of a second K-8 school in Sage Creek. As you know, our plan has always been for two K-8 schools in Sage Creek, one serving the French Immersion program and the other the English program. We understand that discussions about potential delays and funding shortfalls can create uncertainty and concern, and I want to clarify our current situation and ongoing commitment. 

DJI_0027.JPGPhoto taken May 31, 2024

In March 2023, LRSD received approval to build a 900-student capacity school to serve students in grades K-8 in the French Immersion program living in both Sage Creek and Bonavista. Given the enrolment pressures in the Sage Creek and Bonavista communities, the provincial government agreed to using a sequential tendering model, allowing us to start building and tendering parts of the project in summer 2023. This method has enabled us to progress rapidly, but it also means that initial cost estimates were just that—estimates. As the tendering process advanced, bid submissions have been received and awarded, and costs for the project have become more precise. Our initial funding for the school, based on the estimate at the start of sequential tendering was $54,073,492. After authorization and awarding of four of the five tender packages, the provincial government increased support for the project to $56,194,785.  

DJI_0010.JPGPhoto taken May 31, 2024

Currently, we are awaiting authorization for the fifth and final tender package which includes millwork, flooring, gymnasium equipment, roof thermal and moisture protection, acoustic material, lockers, washroom partitions, woodwork, glazing, painting, furnishings, and exterior site needs. We anticipate a $6,674,178 budget shortfall.  

F7DE8668-E688-4875-8346-EC2018C11779.jpegPhoto taken May 31, 2024

As such, the Louis Riel School Board put forward a notice of motion at its meeting on June 4 that, if necessary, the division request approval from the provincial government to take out a long-term loan to make up the budget shortfall and ensure the timely completion of the school. Our priority is to prevent any delays that could disrupt the project. 

As the table below illustrates, we understand the critical importance of opening a school with capacity for 900 French Immersion K-8 students living in Sage Creek and Bonavista on schedule, so the existing school can welcome English program K-8 students living in Sage Creek.   

K-8 French Immersion Program Students Residing in Sage Creek & Bonavista 
K-8 English Program Students Residing in Sage Creek 
September 2023 Enrolment 
September 2025 Projected Enrolment 
802 to 891 
634 to 636

Thank you for your continued understanding and support. 


Christian Michalik 

Superintendent & CEO