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Philippe Picoux wins Prize for Promoting French Language Education

The Louis Riel School Division would like to congratulate Philippe Picoux on his accomplishment on being selected as the recipient of the Prize for Promoting French Language Education. 

Each year the Éducatrices et éducateurs francophones du Manitoba (ÉFM) recognizes an individual or group that promotes French-language education in Manitoba; enhances the image of French-language education; raises awareness among members and the public about French-language education; and encourages Francophone schools or communities to develop educational projects or cultural activities in French.   

“Four years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Philippe Picoux at École Henri-Bergeron," said Hélène Savard, Student Services teacher at École Henri-Bergeron. "Fresh from his tenure at École Julie-Riel, he embarked on the ambitious journey of spearheading the expansion of the middle immersion program at Henri-Bergeron, which proved to be a resounding success. Even before his arrival, M. Picoux's reputation as an accomplished educator had preceded him. With nearly two decades devoted to promoting the French language, his commitment knows no bounds. His tireless efforts, coupled with his creativity and engaging demeanor, serve as a beacon of inspiration for all French immersion teachers.” 

Philippe’s dedication to promoting French language education is evident through his work in the Grade 4 Middle Immersion program at École Henri-Bergeron. As a passionate educator, Philippe fosters a dynamic and immersive learning environment where students develop proficiency in French and gain a deep appreciation for Francophone culture. Through innovative teaching methods and engaging activities, Philippe inspires his students to embrace the language with confidence and enthusiasm. 

“Philippe is a passionate supporter of Immersion, and most certainly the Middle Immersion program," said Sharad Srivastava, Principal at École Henri-Bergeron. "His work includes developing a curriculum specific to the needs of his learners, caring for their well-being as they join a new program and new school, mentoring teachers new to the program and cultivating in the students a pride in their new skills in French. He is a master teacher and his insights on helping new learners in Immersion succeed in ways they never previously thought possible absolutely inspiring!” 

Philippe will receive the award at ÉFM’s Annual General Meeting on April 26, 2024. 

Philippe Picoux