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  • Announcing the Retirement of Alain Michalik

    Alain Michalik

    The LRSD Board of Trustees accepted the retirement notice for Alain Michalik on February 20, 2024. 

    Alain completed his Bachelor of Arts with a Political Science major and a History of Canada minor at the University of Manitoba in 1987, followed by his Bachelor of Education at Collège Universitaire de Saint-Boniface in 1993. He then received his Master of Education in 2009. 

    Alain started his teaching career at Collège Louis Riel in the Saint-Boniface School Division in 1993. This was followed by five years at École Viscount Alexander in the Fort Garry School Division.  

    In 1999, when the opportunity arose to teach in a high school, Alain was happy to accept a position at Collège Jeanne-Sauvé (CJS) in the Saint-Vital School Division. At CJS, Alain had the opportunity to work as a Student Services Teacher.  

    Alain later moved to the Language Arts Consultant position, where he provided leadership to school teams with needs related to implementing, maintaining, and evaluating the English Language Arts Program.     

    Alain’s dedication to the students’ well-being was evident through his actions and demeanour. His warm personality and sense of humour earned him the respect of his students. His calm disposition fostered an environment where students felt motivated to engage, study, and enjoy themselves in the classroom. Such qualities make him a remarkable educator.   

    In 2001, he entered school administration as Vice-Principal of École Julie-Riel. When the Louis Riel School Division was formed, he joined the team at Collège Béliveau as Vice-Principal. Recognized as an accomplished school leader, Alain was appointed Principal of École Marie-Anne Gaboury in 2004, where he remained for three wonderful years. In 2007, Alain was asked to return to Collège Béliveau as the Principal, which he was happy to do. Alain will be ending his career with the Louis Riel School division as Principal at Collège Jeanne-Sauvé, where he has spent 12 amazing years seeing the school grow and expand.  

    As an administrator, Alain exemplified capable leadership, serving as a strong role model for teachers, students, and parents. His patience is a cornerstone of his leadership style, allowing him to navigate challenges with composure and empathy. Alain prioritized active listening, understanding that it is crucial for fostering collaboration and addressing concerns effectively. He recognized the significance of being fully informed in decision-making, ensuring that each choice is well-informed and serves the best interests of the school community.  

    “It has been both an honour and a privilege to work and learn alongside so many wonderful students, teachers, and parents during the past 32 years.” - Alain Michalik.   

    We thank Alain for his years of service to the Louis Riel School Division and recognize his leadership to countless students, families, and employees. We wish him well in his retirement. 

    Ron Cadez 

    Assistant Superintendent