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  • Announcing Shelly Hopper’s Secondment

    The Louis Riel School Division would like to congratulate Shelly Hopper on her secondment to serve as the Coordinator of the Anti-Racist Education Professional Learning Initiative, commencing April 1, 2024. The LRSD Board of Trustees approved Shelly's secondment at its February 6 regular board meeting, reaffirming our commitment to advancing this crucial initiative. 

    This secondment marks a significant milestone in our ongoing dedication to cultivating inclusive and equitable learning environments for every student. The partnership between the Louis Riel School Division, River East-Transcona School Division, Winnipeg School Division, and  Community Education Development Association (CEDA) underscores the collective effort required to effect meaningful change in our educational landscape. 

    Shelly's dedication to equity, diversity, and inclusion, combined with her extensive experience in public education and academic pursuits, uniquely positions her for this pivotal role. 

    I am excited for Shelly as she embarks on this new opportunity for personal and professional growth and how this will also benefit the LRSD community.  

    I invite you to congratulate Shelly on this exciting opportunity and support the Anti-Racist Education Professional Learning Initiative as we work together to create a more inclusive and equitable learning environment. 

    Christian Michalik 

    Superintendent of Schools & CEO