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  • February is Psychology Month in Canada

    In Canada, February is recognized as Psychology Month, organized by the Canadian Psychological Association. This initiative goes beyond celebration, serving as a call to action to acknowledge psychology's crucial role in our lives. From understanding mental health complexities to shaping education, psychology plays an important role in fostering belonging and overall health. The month-long campaign aims to raise awareness, reduce stigma, and promote a collective understanding of mental well-being.

    Psychology Month acknowledges the diverse landscape of psychology, highlighting the unique roles of clinical and school psychologists, counsellors, researchers, and educators. The focus is on promoting mental health awareness, breaking down barriers through open conversations, and encouraging individuals to seek help. This year, a particular focus is on climate change and its intersection with health and relationships. 

    Throughout the month, various events like workshops and webinars provide opportunities for learning and engagement, connecting people with the world of psychology. The campaign also spotlights Canadian psychologists, acknowledging their significant contributions to society. Personal stories of triumph over mental health challenges are shared to inspire hope and foster empathy. Encouraging self-care, Psychology Month emphasizes mindfulness and stress management, highlighting the importance of ongoing efforts for mental well-being. The goal is to create a community that prioritizes mental health, fostering empathy and understanding. Visit the Canadian Psychological Association's Psychology Month page for more information, fact sheets, and podcasts.

    Psychologists play an important role in our collective work in supporting the well-being and development of all students in LRSD. We thank them for all they do for students, families, and colleagues. Don't forget to thank your friendly School Psychologist this February and follow #psychologymonth on X (Twitter).