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  • April Commission Update

    ​As part of our plan to provide parents, staff and the community in the Louis Riel School Division (LRSD) with regular updates on the Manitoba Commission on Kindergarten to Grade 12 education, we are pleased to share the following progress on our efforts in drafting our divisional submission.

    For the past several weeks, we have been engaging staff, students and parents, so they can contribute their collective voices to LRSD's written submission to the Commission.

    On April 2nd, leadership from across the entire LRSD division met to provide input on the topics the Commission is focusing on and those recommendations will be worked into the final submission.

    Amy Haworth, the principal at École St. Germain, was at the meeting and is one of the people helping to put the report together.

    "I'm part of a group that includes principals, vice-principals, coordinators and instructional support staff, who are involved in drafting this submission. We've divided into six working groups in order to respond specifically to the six areas of focus that are being posed by the commission," said Haworth.

    Another one of LRSD's staff, Jason Dubeau, vice-principal of Glenlawn Collegiate, was in attendance and was pleased to hear the thoughts being shared.

    "All of us are approaching this report as an opportunity to bring forward bold ideas and recommendations that can help improve and support how we provide education in LRSD. I'm excited about what I heard from my colleagues and our chance to put these ideas into our submission," said Dubeau.

    The LRSD is a community of 40 schools serving more than 15,500 students. We hope each of you will lend your voice to our collective responses in the coming weeks and months. You'll be hearing more from us soon.

    Thank you.
    — Louis Riel School Board and Senior Leadership Team