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  • LRSD Schools Are Cannabis-Free Zones

    Attention students, parents, staff and caregivers. All schools in the Louis Riel School Division (LRSD) are cannabis-free zones. Any LRSD students found using, possessing or under the influence of marijuana while at school will face disciplinary action.

    Henri Péloquin is an Assistant Superintendent for LRSD. "Whether you are a student, staff member or guardian visiting the school, cannabis is not permitted on school property and we expect all guests of LRSD to respect that," he says.

    Under Section 47.1(2) of the Public Schools Act, cannabis is not allowed in public schools, along with alcohol and illicit drugs.

    Cannabis, like other drugs and alcohol, can have negative impacts on developing brains and bodies. For this reason, LRSD encourages students to pursue a healthy lifestyle and refrain from using cannabis, illicit drugs, or alcohol regardless of their age. The legal age for cannabis use in Manitoba is 19. Youth under age found in possession or use of cannabis could face significant fines in Manitoba.

    Christian Michalik is the Superintendent of LRSD. He points out that it is important for parents/guardians to work collaboratively with school administrators to respond to any cannabis-related concerns connected with an LRSD student. "It is critically important to work together in a timely and supportive manner to address concerning student behavior, such as engaging in prohibited cannabis use," says Michalik.

    For more information, LRSD encourages students, staff, parents and caregivers to review LRSD's official statement on cannabis, which includes links to parent resources, legal information, and LRSD's related official policy on vaping.

    -posted on January 15, 2019 by Michelle Lancaster, Communications Coordinator