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  • Design with Us: J.H. Bruns Collegiate Renovation and Addition

    The Louis Riel School Division (LRSD) Board of Trustees approved that J.H. Bruns Collegiate (JHBC) be designated as the catchment area high school for English program students residing in Sage Creek and that a renovation and addition be submitted as a priority capital project request with the Manitoba government in the 2021-2022 school year. Students residing in Sage Creek who currently attend Shamrock School in grades 5 to 7 will move on JHBC beginning in September 2024. Learn more about this decision here.

    To prepare for additional students in the school, LRSD engaged Number TEN Architectural Group to design a major addition and renovation project at JHBC and to provide a cost estimate.  

    Architects and Divisional Leadership worked with school administration, staff, students, families and community beginning in the summer until December to help shape the final concept design that was shared with the community on December 15. The chosen concept replaces the east and south sides of the building with a new and compact addition, leaving most of the existing school site available for redevelopment. The site is organized to leave existing city lands untouched and includes optimized staff parking, two internal school bus drop off locations, dedicated outdoor student spaces, a hardcourt sports plaza on the southeast corner, and a multipurpose outdoor learning space in the southwest. The principal at JHBC continues to welcome the community’s thoughts and questions about the design. 

    The final concept design and cost estimate will assist LRSD’s ongoing work to expand the Manitoba government’s understanding of and secure their support for this proposed capital project.J.H.%20Bruns%20Class%20D%20Estimate%20Meeting%20-%20Dec.%2015,%202022_Page_5.png