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  • Fees and Tuition

    ​Students (except high school students) must submit a $20 application fee and a transcript of high school marks or equivalent standing along with their application. Students (except high school students) must apply through our Student Services department by appointment.

    Upon acceptance into a program, all students will receive a confirmation letter. A $100 commitment fee must be submitted to our office by all tuition-paying students.


    • $20 application fee (except high school students)
    • $25 student fee per semester
    • $35 graduation fee (except high school students)
    • $100 refundable textbook deposit
    • $100 commitment fee for all Post-secondary and Mature students
    • $45 Food Safe Certification course for Culinary Arts and Pastry Chef students
    • Additional fees for equipment, uniforms, etc. as required
    • Miscellaneous fees for duplicate transcripts, certificates or income tax receipts as applicable
    • Tuition fees - determined at the time of registration.

    Program Tuition (currently under review)

    Applied Business​
    ​$2500 per semester
    $5000 full program

    Automotive Technology

    $2500 per semester
    $5000 full program

    Baking & Pastry Arts

    $2500 per semester
    $5000 full program

    ​Broadcast Media

    ​$2500 per semester 

    $5000 full program

    Building Trades

    $2000 per semester
    $4000 full program

    Culinary Arts

    $2500 per semester
    $5000 full program

    Early Childhood Educator

    $2375 per semester
    $4750 full program

    Electrical Trades

    $2500 per semester
    $5000 full program

    Part 1
            Part 2

    $6000 full program
    $2727 Part 1
    $3273 Part 2


    $6000 full program

    Information Systems

    $2500 per semester
    $5000 full program

    New Media Design

    $2500 per semester
    $5000 full program


    ​$2500 per semester

    $5000 full program

    Refund Policy

    Registration may be cancelled if tuition fees are not paid in accordance with the "Fee Commitment Form". Any student whose fees are not fully paid, including those awaiting a decision from Student Loans or other agencies, must make satisfactory arrangements with our Administration Office to avoid withdrawal from a program.

    Refunds are issued as follows:

    • students who withdraw from a program or course within the first week of classes receive a full refund less the  commitment fee of $100.
    • students who withdraw from a course or program within the first six weeks of the start date may be eligible for a 60% refund provided tuition has been paid in full.
    • no refunds will be issued after the first six weeks or the start of a course/program.

    Please note: Post-secondary students enrolling in a full year program, must pay tuition according to the fee commitment form and ATC policy and therefore will not be entitled to any refund beyond six weeks into the full year program.