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  • Co-op Education Program

    ​​The Co-op Education Program is designed for students with a developmental disability and is directed towards the acquisition of basic skills in the areas of Intellectual Development, Communication, Physical Competence, and Social Efficiency. This is achieved through a life skills focus and integrated curriculum approach. It is intended for students whose academic and personal needs require adaptations due to learning disabilities and cognitive delays.


    The four main goals of the program are:

    1. Academic Development
    2. Problem Solving and Choice Making
    3. Personal Development
    4. Life/Vocational Skills


    Students who enroll in the program:

    • Have been referred by Student Services
    • Have a developmental disability
    • Require a modified curriculum
    • Require an Individual Education Plan
    • Require a comprehensive program aimed at long-term goals set to suit individual abilities and needs


    The educational goal for every student is to become an active participant and contributing member of society. To achieve these goals, our curriculum must extend beyond the classroom and school into the surrounding community to ensure the development of critical daily living skills.

    High School students in the Co-op Education Program will work towards credits for their high school diploma. They will need to complete 30 credits to graduate, while meeting the Manitoba Education Citizenship & Youth requirements. In this program, students will take English, Mathematics, Physical Education/Health, Science, Social Studies and Career Education. Besides the required courses, students will have a variety of opportunities to select option courses.