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  • Code of Behaviour

    The Community of Windsor Park provides OPPORTUNITIES for LEARNING, growth and PREPARATION for our future in an environment of RESPONSIBILITY and RESPECT.

    Windsor Park is your school, and, like each student here, you have rights and obligations. You share the school with other students who have the same goals as you do – to do as well as possible academically, to build friendships, and to participate in and enjoy the many extra-curricular activities the school offers. These goals can be achieved when rights are respected and all Windsor Park students live up to the expectations of good citizenship.

    You have the right to be treated with dignity and respect; but respect is also earned. You are expected to behave responsibly, speak considerately, dress appropriately, work diligently and resolve all differences through direct, polite discussion or by seeking assistance. Rules and policies have been developed by the school and the school division to ensure that the learning climate serves all students. You are expected to comply with school rules and divisional policies, thereby showing your willingness to contribute to an atmosphere that is nurturing, positive and orderly for all. Make good choices.

    Teachers and other adults have an ongoing responsibility to prepare students for their role as citizens and to model these attributes in their daily interactions with students. Discipline and restitution create a balance that allows for learning from mistakes, learning different behaviors and making amends.