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  • Career Internship Program

    The Career Internship Program (CIP) at Windsor Park Collegiate (WPC) is an innovative partnership program that has partnered with over 600 businesses and not-for-profit organizations since its inception in 1996. CIP students complete a university/college entrance program of studies, build transferable soft skills, network with professionals in a variety of fields, and develop focus and confidence for successful post high school transitions. The program challenges students to discover and embrace the skill drivers of the 21st century workplace: Creativity, problem solving, design, and big picture thinking. CIP’s 3-R Mandates – create relevant curricula that moves beyond traditional job paradigms and skill sets; offer real experiences that expose personal passions and possibilities for future life potential, and shape responsible attitudes that reflect positive choices and powerful impacts with people and organizations – empower students to view education, personal growth and learning as lifelong pursuits.

    What CIP Students Do...
    Grades 9 and 10 students at WPC have the opportunity to participate in skill-building retreats and events, network with business partners, receive resume coaching and mentorship from CIP students in Grades 11 and 12, and begin to explore career possibilities and transferable skills.

    Grade 11 CIP students participate in more intensive, skill-building activities, alongside their regular English 30S curriculum. These activities include: resume writing, interview preparation, a two-day job shadow with a local business partner, transferable skills development, participation in the Chamber of Commerce BOLD program and other conferences, mentorship of younger students, and much more.

    Grade 12 CIP students complete a regular academic program as well as additional CIP courses. These courses emphasize business plan writing, transferable skills development, innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship. Students also:

    • Complete an extended internship with a local business or non-profit organization
    • Volunteer in the community
    • Complete a Public Speaking program
    • Attend 4 live theatre productions at the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre
    • Compete in the Tiger's Den Entrepreneurship Conference
    • Build a network of professional contacts and mentors from such organizations as CITT (Canadian Institute Traffic and Transportation), CME (Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters), and the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce

    CIP provides students the skills, confidence, and experiences that they need to successfully transition from the high school environment into post-secondary education and employment.

    What They’re Saying About CIP…

    "I think CIP is a great course to take in Grade 11 because most teenagers don't exactly know what they want to do, and CIP will definitely help out." Grade 11 CIP Student – 2015

    "I am satisfied with my decision to enrol in CIP this year because I really got to be involved in all kinds of cool experiences (volunteering, internships, etc.). I would definitely recommend CIP to other students.  Although we had a lot of work in CIP, CIP has helped me a lot in my future decision making and also honing some of the necessary skills for the real world.  CIP was cool and I loved the experience."  Yu Yan Li – CIP Graduate – 2016
    "I love this program for many reasons. I have been able to learn many life skills that would not be taught in regular English, such as networking, resume/cover letter, volunteer opportunities and so, so much more." Brendan Yeryk - Grade 12 CIP Student – 2016

    "I really enjoyed being involved with CIP this past year. Why wasn't something like this offered when I was in high school? How powerful to connect students with real life experience in industries where they may have an interest. The program also gives employers a look at positions and responsibilities through the eyes of a trainee. Often in business we receive and choose staff that have a wealth of experience. To be able to look at the detailed responsibilities of each role, train, mentor, and share our experiences with a new employee is fantastic. Getting to hear their perspective, answer their questions and understand their needs also helps employers get better too.  We see where there are shortcomings or opportunities for better training when specific questions are brought to our attention. Millennial students have grown up in a different world than many employers today. They are technology savvy, computer smart, quick to find solutions, and have shortcuts and new ideas through research online. It leads to great collaboration on projects. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of CIP!" Brenda Bourns - Event Strategy Productions Inc. - 2016

    "Through the Career Internship Program, Carla and Carrie have been able to build with their students, one of the most important elements of career development – a respect for collaboration. By partnering with many organizations throughout Winnipeg they have been able to create real opportunities for their students to explore their interests and instill confidence. This is where real innovation happens – not inside of technology, but between people building relationships, increasing dialogue, and challenging each other to learn and grow. Their program consistently does this year after year."  Chris Loewen –Protegra- 2016

    "The CIP program gave our organization an opportunity to engage with thoughtful young people on a day to day basis.  We benefited from the expertise and dedication of the students, and valued what we learned about ourselves, our work environment, and our workflow, by listening to their feedback and observing them in action.  We've had wonderfully capable and motivated interns, and look forward to continuing the program in the future." Kent Suss- Manitoba Theater for Young People- 2016

     "I have so many things to say about CIP. This program did so much for my daughter.  My daughter was already an amazing kid, but CIP helped her come out of her shell, made her shine and gave her so much more confidence. The Public Speaking Course shocked me as I watched my daughter deliver the valedictorian speech at the graduation ceremony.  This proud moment made me cry, she was amazing!  I thought to myself, who is this kid, and for this I thank the Career Internship Program and its amazing team!" Maureen Tanghe -Parent- 2015

     "As a parent, we can only hope that our children receive a quality education and are prepared for the life that lies ahead of them. The CIP program far exceeded any expectations I had of it, and I truly believe that because of the program, Brendan has the knowledge and experience to help him achieve his dream of a career in law enforcement."  Connie Yeryk- Parent- 2016

    Recognitions and Achievements
    Award Winning Program

    2012, 2011, 2010, 2016
    Silver Medal, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters
    Discovery Program Award (Provincial)
    2013 & 2015
    Finalist and Winner (2015) of the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce: Spirit of Winnipeg Award
    2009    Recipient, Louis Riel School Division
                 Anita Chapman Award (Divisional)

    2008    Gold Medal, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME)
                 Discovery Program Award (Provincial)

    2007    Recipient, Canadian Council on Learning
                 Work and Learning Promising Practice Award (National)

    1997, 1998, 2003, 2004
    Recipient (2x), Honourable Mention (2x), Conference Board of Canada

    National Partners in Education Award (National)

    2000     Recipient, Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce

    Innovation and Technology Award (Municipal)

    1999     Canadian Representative, Maple Leaf Exchange

    Contact Us
    If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact Carla Allan at or Carrie Boyer at

    We welcome queries from students not attending Windsor Park Collegiate.