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  • School Plans and Reports

    Our School is dedicated to providing the most current information about our work to improve student learning, realize our divisional priorities and to enhance our school community.

    We want to share the goals of our School Plan to our community in a variety of ways.  Our @wpcLRSD Twitter showcases all that happens in our school.  We post stories of interest to show what our Royals are doing in school and in the Community. 

    Each year we set goals for our school that support our learning journey.  These goals are created by keeping students' learning in the centre of all we do.  Our plan reflects our beliefs about our school and community, and enhances our Royal culture. 

    Our School Plan is based on the following goals:  

    • To continue our work with using the beliefs of the Circle of Courage; Belonging, Mastery, Independence, Generosity.  These beliefs are at the core of everything we do in our school Influences our commitment to academics, athletics, visual and performing arts, and our practical arts areas.
    • To build on the strengths of our diverse population within our student population and supporting our diverse programming.
    • To link learning and mental well being in our school community.
    • To enhance learning by infusing the use of the Microsoft 365 tools like Class Notebook and Assistive Technology.  By September 2020, we will have Grade 9 and 10 students "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD).


    school plan 2020.jpg

    Goals and Strategies for our Plan

    To Build an Inclusive Community

    • Ensuring students from multiple programs have an active role in major school events
    • Developing stronger collaborative practices from staff to students
    • Creating a mentorship extracurricular program that provides opportunities for all students to develop generosity and leadership skills


    To Support Mental Well-Becoming

    • Continue to invest in Wellness Wednesdays which offer strategies and encouragement to staff and students
    • Provide a series of community wellness nights during winter that offer activities such as yoga and cooking for families
    • Collect and store a variety of resources for staff to access


    To Increase Student Engagement through Project Based Learning

    • Explore and examine learning experiences for students that are relevant to their future
    • Provide varied PBL opportunities at a different grade levels and content areas


    To Effectively Embed Technology in the Classroom

    • Access Divisional resources to increase knowledge and approaches that utilize technology
    • Use a variety of Microsoft tools with students such as Class NoteBook and Assisted Technology
    • Infuse technology in the classroom in preparation for September BYOD launch