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  • Student Services

    ​​The Student Services department at Windsor Park Collegiate provides service delivery in a number of ways. It embraces a model which reflects and supports the varying needs of students from their time of entry through to transition to career or post secondary study. The following services are available for students and their families.

    Academic Centre

    Student services personnel are available to assist students in achieving academic success. This can be accomplished in a number of ways. Students may be supported within the confines of the classroom with the help of an educational assistant or they may be scheduled directly in the Academic Centre.
    The Academic Centre supports individual students in achieving academic success. In collaboration with teachers, students and guardians, curriculum adaptations are developed to suit the students’ needs. Student services personnel work one-to-one with students or with small groups of students at a time that best suits the student’s timetable. Educational assistants are also placed in the classrooms to assist teachers in meeting the special needs of our students.

    Educational Planning

    Students are encouraged to take ownership of their own educational direction. At the same time, we recognize that many students may need assistance with such things as course selections, goal setting and with exploring post- secondary alternatives. Student services personnel are available to provide this assistance.

    Career Exploration and Readiness

    From the time students enter high school, some of their thinking should be directed toward their future career planning and preparedness. Windsor Park Collegiate has an overall plan which is intended to provide students with a variety of activities and experiences relating to this goal. Student services personnel are available to assist students in exploring career options, taking interest inventories and with furthering their understanding of their own talents, skills and abilities.

    Personal Counseling

    Students may explore personal concerns in confidence. We also work closely with many community resources and Divisional personnel in areas such as social work, psychology, speech and language, as well as occupational and physiotherapy. Parents who have concerns regarding such issues as transition to a new school, bullying, racism or other aspects relating to the emotional well-being of their child are also encouraged to work together with Student Services personnel.

    Accessing Services

    Students may request assistance themselves by making an appointment to speak with one of the Student Services team. Parents can contact members of the team directly by calling (204) 256-7316.