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  • WPC Annual Report to the Community 2018 2019 Part One Independence

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    Bold Education. Inspired Minds.


    Windsor Park Collegiate acknowledges that we are on Treaty 1 Territory, homeland of the Red River Metis, Anishinaabe people, and we recognize the traditional lands as our commitment to the Truth and Reconciliation process to honour those who came before us. 

    Windsor Park Collegiate uses the Circle of CourageIndependence, Mastery, Generosity, and Belonging to define the work we do.  We have many areas in our school where students can display their skills, talents, and abilities. Multiple programming supports our students in their pursuits towards their Bold Education.

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    To help students learn what they need to know and do in order to plan for life after high school, one of our goals in our School Plan focused on Career Education, our Independence quadrant in the Circle of Courage.  We spent time on career education and focused on using the program My Blueprint to gather and track the learning needed for careers with our whole school, Grades 9 through 12.  

    ​Two of our specific programs, Career Internship Program (CIP) and Medical Careers Exploration (MCEP) focus on what it takes to work in an industry.  We have business partners who support our students' learning through internships or "work weeks", so they can gain valuable skills and exposure to those careers.  While students are in their regular courses, they can make connections to what they are learning and how it is applicable to the businesses to which they are connected. 

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    Our students in our Co-Operative Education (Co-Op) and Individualized Program (IP) also participate in business education training with our Bistro in the Park and other various sites.  Students have opportunities to work in the culinary field in our Bistro and get experience in our Bistro Express Cafeteria. 

    The skills range from line prep cooking, shopping for supplies, customer service, and some retail experience behind the cash register.  Students also are out working in local retail malls, pet stores, and other various locations with job coaches.

    Please see the Annual Report to the Community Part Two:  Mastery.