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  • Code of Conduct

    School Expectations

    École Varennes is committed to excellence based on a positive school climate and the belief that every person, both students and staff, can achieve their potential.

    Proper communication is essential to a healthy learning environment. The school strives to deal with concerns in a prompt and fair manner, and students are expected to participate in the resolution of conflicts. The Louis Riel School Division encourages communication among all community members.

    Students at École Varennes are expected to:

    • respect authority

    • refrain from fighting

    • refrain from bullying or threatening members of the school community

    • respect personal and school property

    • adhere to school rules

    • use appropriate language and behaviour

    The possession of dangerous objects is strictly prohibited and consequences may include the following actions or strategies:

    • classroom intervention

    • parental contact

    • creation of a behaviour/performance contract

    • counseling

    • formal conference

    • temporary withdrawal from classroom

    • removal of privileges

    • detention

    • restitution and restorative justice

    • involvement of the Clinical Services Unit

    • in-school suspension

    • out-of-school suspension

    • involvement of the Winnipeg Police Service or another service agency

    • expulsion

    In the case of serious or repeat situations, parents and guardians are asked to meet with the teacher or administration to help solve the problem. Teachers or administrators contact parents in writing or by phone as soon as possible.

    Re-entry meetings occur following all out-of-school suspensions so that students, parents and school staff can review school expectations. Immediate suspension may result when the safety of other students' learning and well-being is affected. Length of suspension varies according to the severity and type of incident.