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  • Building Student Success with Indigenous Parents

    The goal of BSSIP is to increase the involvement of Indigenous parents in education. The funding has assisted schools in developing partnerships and programs with parents and the community which will contribute to the educational success of Indigenous students.

    Schools have taken the lead in forming and maintaining effective family-school partnerships that positively influence all students’ learning. The strong relationships have changed the future – not just for students and their families, but also for schools – in the form of these educational partners jointly implementing approaches intended to enhance student motivation, engagement with school, academic progress, school attendance levels, sense of wellbeing, and lower dropout rates. Families and schools are working together as real partners. The scope of these partnerships is wide and includes support by school leaders for family involvement in school activities, a strong commitment by all partners to student learning success, a welcoming school atmosphere and two-way communication. The partnerships that this fund supports will become models of the way we would like school communities to function.

    Building Student Success with Indigenous Parents (BSSIP) directly supports the education priority in Manitoba’s Indigenous Education and Employment Action Plan through Goal 1: “Student Engagement and High School Completion”.

    Goals of the BSSIP Project at École Varennes

    • To foster respect and understanding of Indigenous culture among both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students.
    • To create opportunities for positive parental and family involvement with the school.
    • To create opportunities for community building among Indigenous families at École Varennes.
    • To connect with Indigenous families before they enter the school system.

    Project Highlights from Past Years

    • Family Fun Night (April 2018)
    • Festival du Voyageur (February 2018)
    • Family Barbecue (June 2017)
    • Indigenous Celebration Evening (May 2017)

    For more information please call the school or visit the BSSIP webpage at