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  • Physical Education

    Early Years K-4

    During the Early Years, emphasis is placed on the acquisition of basic movement skills and their use in introductory and simple activities. Students begin to understand what movements to do, as well as why and how to do them. These skills are the building blocks for participation in all physical activity and are the prerequisites for lifelong physical activity.

    Middle Years 5-8

    During the Middle Years, emphasis is on the acquisition and application of basic movement skills and their use in modified and lead-up activities. Students continue to develop their understanding of what movements to do, as well as why and how to do them. Students are expected to participate in various physical activities scheduled on an ongoing basis throughout the year including individual/dual/team sports/games, alternative pursuits, and rhythmic/gymnastic and fitness activities. Programming will also include learning activities that are representative of different learning environments or settings (e.g.: playing fields, parks, trails, arenas, playground equipment) and representative of multicultural perspectives.

    Instruction & Assessment

    At Nordale, home of the "Nordale Stars", the Physical Education Goal is to provide students with planned and balanced programming to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes for physically active and healthy lifestyles.

    Class Instruction:

    Every student develops: movement, fitness management, safety, and personal/social management skills for lifelong fitness and physical activity participation.

    K- 8 Physical Education Classes are instructed by a Physical Education Specialist on a six day cycle. 

    K, Five classes of instruction with specialist, totaling 110 minutes 

    Grade 1-6, Five classes of instruction with specialist, totaling 150 minutes 

    Grade 7/8, Four classes of instruction with specialist, totaling 160 minutes/cycle


    Manitoba Schools Fitness Assessments are administered in the fall and spring for Nordale students in grades four to eight. This information is then shared with parents. The Leger Beep Test is also used to provide feedback in relation to Maximal Aerobic Power.

    We have often been using opportunities to share information about student learning through the use of Skill Portfolios. In this situation we set up stations in the gymnasium for the various grade levels during the student-led conference nights in March. These stations serve as a snapshot of what is taking place in Physical Education classes. These skill portfolios serve as a hands-on opportunity for students to share some of their skill development with their parents.

    Basic Motor Skills Assessments are utilized at the K - 3 levels, information is shared with parents in the fall and spring terms.

    Fitness Assessments for students in grades 4-8 take place in the fall and spring terms. Goal setting takes place along with acquiring new knowledge in relation to fitness management. Reflection upon the goals takes place throughout the winter to see how students are working towards accomplishing their goals.

    Rubrics (number scale system) involves a battery of tools are used to assess factors such as: Safety, Personal and Social Management (Fair Play, Cooperation), and Movement/Physical Skills.

    Student Assessment is based on the outcomes of: Demonstration and Knowledge of Movement Skills, Personal Fitness Management/Development, Demonstration and knowledge of Safety Concepts. These outcomes are reported for students and parent on the LRSD Report Card.

    Technology in Physical Education

    Within the Physical Education Program at Nordale School, there is an opportunity for students to explore the use of heart rate monitors. These devices, which are worn during periods of physical activity, provide feedback regarding an individual's heart rate.

    These devices serve as a method of motivation for students, as well, they assist in providing knowledge about fitness. Following a workout most of these heart rate monitors can recall the workout to provide further feedback (i.e. time spent in, above and below target heart rate zone). Currently, twenty-four such devices are available for student use.

    Intramurals, Clubs & Sports


    Every student is invited to participate in Nordale's intramural program. Activities in the intramural program such as: low organized games, sports games, activity stations, are regularly scheduled primarily at lunch time. Intramural activities are inclusive of all students at all grade levels.

    Kindergarten – Grade 3 students participate in Jungle Gym on Day 1’s at lunch time. Students enjoy climbing, skipping, running, playing on scooters, balancing and the list goes on! It’s a Jungle in the gym on Day 1’s!

    Students in grade 5-8 participate on a weekly basis. The Nordale Activity Schedule is posted on a weekly basis in each classroom and it includes all school activities.


    A very important aspect of the intramural program is that our PALs (Physical Activity Leaders) help run the activities. The Pals assist in the Jungle Gym activity for our K-3 students.


    Nordale School's Running Club begins in the fall. Students in grades 3 – 8 are invited to attend morning and lunch hour runs. Students participate in warm-up type activities, runs and running activities (partner runs, color runs, stamp runs, juice runs, pursuit runs, tag runs) followed by low organized games. This year, Running Club will take a break during the winter months and will resume in the spring. Students will then begin training for Manitoba Marathon Events.

    Interschool Sports

    Louis Riel School Division provides participation tournaments and leagues for volleyball and basketball in which Nordale School fields grade seven and eight teams. League games will take place for volleyball and basketball in one of "A", "AA" or "AAA" Divisions. Teams are placed into leagues based on school student population in grades 7/8.

    Students in grades 5 & 6 participate in Yellow Volleyball and Mini Basketball Festivals. Students enjoy these fun evening events!

    Cross Country is offered each fall for students in grades 4-8. These meet dates are set as LRSD divisional events.

    Badminton is offered in the spring term.

    The LRSD Max Bell Indoor Track Meet for grade five and six students takes place each winter, as well, each May/June an outdoor meet for LRSD students is hosted. These are participation meets with the emphasis on fun.

    Track and Field Meets for grade seven and eight are held annually each spring for Louis Riel School Division students.

    Nordale also hosts a participation track meet for all of our grade 5- 8 students. This is a great opportunity for all of our grade 5-8 students to compete/participate in many events.