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  • Code of Conduct

    Island Lakes Community School wishes to ensure that all students have the most productive learning environment possible. The following is some general information and an outline of our expectations regarding student behaviour. 

    We believe that…

    Everyone at ILCS, child or adult, has the right to be safe and happy so that we can work and learn. Effective teaching and learning occurs best in a positive climate where students behave appropriately. We believe that students and staff have the responsibility to: 

    • promote a safe school and learning environment for all
    • respect ourselves, others and property
    • do our best

    The dual role of discipline and restitution creates a balance that allows for learning from mistakes, learning different behaviours and making amends.

    Our Code of Conduct…

    The following Code of Conduct has been adopted by the students, staff and parents in an effort to ensure an environment conducive to developing competence, creativity, cooperation, confidence and caring for all members of our learning community. School staff play a critical role by modeling respect and support for the following expectations:

    • we will be on time and prepared to learn
    • we will attend school regularly
    • we will work and play safely at all times
    • we will speak, act and write respectfully to all students and adults
    • we will respect all personal and school property
    • we will be good problem solvers
    • we will adhere to school policies respecting the appropriate use of electronic mail and the Internet, including the prohibition of materials that the school has determined to be objectionable
    • we will follow guidelines for appropriate school attire
    • we will comply with our Code of Conduct

    Interventions and Supports…

    Staff will intervene when students:

    • use profanity (including language or gestures)
    • are disrespectful
    • do not maintain academic integrity (e.g. plagiarism, cheating)
    • utter threats
    • are disruptive and interfere with the learning of others
    • fail to complete their homework

    Students are referred to administration when the following occurs:

    • fighting
    • serious physical harm or assault on another student or an employee
    • weapons on the school grounds (including school buses and bus stops)
    • serious damage to propert, including fires that are set on school property
    • chronic behaviour problems
    • stealing
    • threats to other students or staff members
    • leaving class or school without permission
    • smoking, the use drugs or alcohol

    The following must be noted as stipulations that will result in immediate referral to the administration, as outlined in the Public Schools Act:

    • bullying, or abusing physically, sexually or psychologically (orally, in writing or otherwise) any person is unacceptable
    • discriminating unreasonably on the basis of any characteristic set out in subsection 9(2) of The Human Rights Code is unacceptable
    • using, possessing or being under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs at school is unacceptable
    • gang involvement will not be tolerated on school sites
    • possessing a weapon, as “weapon” is defined in section 2 of the Criminal Code (Canada), will not be tolerated on school sites

    Interventions, including disciplinary consequences for violating the Code of Conduct, in all situations are intended to preserve the dignity and self worth of all involved in the disciplinary action. Interventions/consequences may include:

    • counseling
    • formal conference
    • temporary withdrawal from the classroom
    • removal of privileges
    • detention
    • restitution
    • clinician referral
    • performance contract
    • police involvement
    • in-school suspension
    • out-of-school suspension

    Learning Together…

    To begin the school year, a classroom agreement will be shared with families. These agreements will establish individual classroom expectations and will assist in creating the conditions for a positive classroom community. We ask for your cooperation in supporting these agreements. Teachers will be in contact with parents throughout the year.

    This year our staff will be involved once again in some professional development that will help us to develop and implement a specific school plan defining how we will all work together at Island Lakes Community School. As a staff we will be learning how to better assist students in becoming problem solvers, becoming more solution-focused and moving toward self-discipline. We will be looking beyond the present and striving to develop learners who are prepared for their future – prepared to contribute effectively in the work environments of tomorrow.