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  • Lunch Program


    We have established a lunch program at Glenwood School to assist: 

    1.  families with children who live a long distance from the school 
    2.  families with working parent(s) 
    3. families who, on occasion, need assistance with lunch arrangements. 


    The lunch program is intended for students in grades 1-6 who are unable to go home for lunch due to distance or parent/guardian work schedules. ALL students who are able to go home for lunch should be doing so and they should not be returning to the school until just before 12:40. 

    Children who stay for lunch at Glenwood will be supervised by adult employees of the School Division. They will eat lunch in the building from 11:45 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. At that time they will go outside, along with the adult supervisors, for the remainder of the lunch hour. We feel the exercise and fresh air is beneficial, however, on days of severe weather the children will remain in the school.

    Schools are not required to provide lunch programs for students. This means that staying for lunch is a privilege and not a right. Students who misbehave, or students who do not follow the rules of the lunch program, will be contacted by administration and may be withdrawn for the lunch program Parents will receive at least one warning if exclusion from the lunch program is being considered.

    Expectations regarding behaviour in the lunch program are the same as the expectations we have for students at any other time. Students are expected to treat the facilities and other people with respect and to follow the rules of the lunch program.

    • All students staying for lunch, whether full time or casual, must be registered in the lunch program. As students staying for extracurricular activities still require supervision while they are eating their lunch, school division policy requires families to pay to stay on that day. These fees are used to pay the paid lunch supervisors.
    • Lunch students are expected to eat at school, in the approved areas, and to remain on the school grounds for the entire lunch hour.
    • Students who are NOT in the school lunch program SHOULD NOT return to the school until 12:40 which is when the first bell rings, as there is no supervision provided for non-lunch students.
    • Students in grades 7 & 8 are expected to go home for lunch. If there are special circumstances that warrant them staying at school for lunch, please contact the offfice directly to make arrangements. Grade 7 & 8 students who stay will pay the lunch fee and will be assigned duties to assist with younger students 


    Year 10 months (Sept – June) x $15.00+ $150.00/child (max. $300.00 per family)

    At time of registration, prepayment will be required. Payment may be made in a lump sum or by post-dated cheques for each term. Official Tax Receipts will be issued for regular lunch program students only, not casual students. They are issued once a year, at the end of the fiscal year. Any costs incurred collecting late payment fees will be added to the amount owed unless prior arrangements have been made. For further details, please call the school at 233-3619.


    Casual lunch supervision is available for $1.00/day. Please send the $1.00 to school with your child on the day that they are staying.