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  • Community Liaison Services

    The Community Liaison works with students, families, and the community to help meet the needs of Glenwood School. The Community Liaison has helped with the following:

    1. Writing grants to help secure funding for school programs. Over the past year and a half the CLW has secured over $25 000 in funding for the following:
    • portable soccer nets
    • recess equipment
    • drum fit equipment
    • mental health wellness kits (Grades 3-6)
    • Indigenous Games Materials (Foxtails)
    • funding for the school BBQ
    • school snack program
    • school emergency breakfast and lunches
    • seasonal and emergency hampers for families
    • new fridge for canteen
    • gardening materials/equipment for all grade 1,2, 5, and 6 students to grow their own plants or mini gardens and keep them. (Spring 2023)


    2) Developed programs in partnership with Glenwood Community Centre

    • Learn to Skate program for students in Grades 3-6. The community club received a grant that will allow us to purchase new equipment to help grow the program.
    • Gardening Program – Students and the daycare will learn about healthy eating and how food grows by having access to 6 garden beds as part of a larger gardening initiative.
    • Hampers – The community club and Glenwood school put together over 28 hampers  for families in the Glenwood community.

    In addition to everything mentioned above a Community Liaison can assist with the following:

    -finding recreation opportunities              -help finding a family doctor        -getting ID (Health Card,SIN,etc)

    -locating resources/programs                    -securing hampers                           -registering for programs

    -food or clothing needs                                 - supporting the PAC                       -developing partnerships


    The CLW also works with students in the school by providing the following:

    -one on one support                                       -intramurals                                       -snack program

    -clothing closet                                                 -volunteer opportunities              -small group work

    -skating program                                              -garden program (spring 2023)   -fundraising


    If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact the school.

    Winnipeg Harvest:

    There has been an increase the number of families asking for support with food in our community.  We have put together the following information sheet to help students contact Winnipeg Harvest.

    How To Access Harvest Manitoba.pdf


    Glenwood School is currently reviewing our hamper plan for this holiday season. As such we are strongly encouraging families to contact the Cheer Board and Toy Mountain this year if they need assistance. We are hoping that if some of our Glenwood families can receive support from these organizations, we can then focus the resources we have on the remaining families that aren’t receiving any type of support. Registration with the Cheer Board begins on November 3rd at 8:30 A.M. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the “how to apply” page and documents needed when calling and registering. There may also be long delays when calling and you may have to call back multiple times so, please take this into consideration. The information for the Cheer Board and Toy Mountain are below.

    Due to increased demand and ever rising prices, Glenwood School will not be able to offer the same type of hampers as we have in the past, but we are still hoping to do what we can. 

    Last year we had a parent who organized a hamper drive through their workplace for one of our families. If this is something, you might be interested in doing, please feel free to reach out and I can provide you with more details. We are also accepting donations if you are able. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Ritchot for more information. 


    Cheer Board


    Toy Mountain

    Through Facebook: The Salvation Army Prairie Division

    Call 204-946-9491

    Glenwood School Community News

    Glenwood School was very active this year and students participated in a wide variety of activities:


    Soccer Day - Glenwood school hosted a soccer for over 100 students in Gr 5/6 from St. George, Ecole Varennes, and Windsor School at the U of M indoor soccer complex.

    January -May  

    Over 170 students in Grade 3-8 took part in skating lessons at Glenwood C.C. A big thanks to all our student volunteers from Dakota and Glenlawn!


    The WRENCH held a Bike Bazaar at Glenwood School where over 25 students got a new bike or had their bike repaired.


    -Glenwood School planted various plants and flowers in 7 garden beds in a joint project with Glenwood C.C.

    - Students in grades K-2, and 5/6 grew strawberry plants and then got to take them home along with a gardening tool kit and watering can.

     -Glenwood school hosted a Sports Day for students in gr 5/6 from Ecole Varennes and St. George school. Students had the opportunity to try a wide variety of sports such as Lacrosse, Angleball, Kabaddi, Foxtails, Tchoukball, Field Hockey, Soccer, and Flab Football. Unfortunately, we had to cut the day short due to heavy rain, but we look forward to hosting a similar event in the future. We would like to thank Participaction and the Government of Canada for providing the funding for this event.


    Coming in 2023/24

    Vertical Farming Wall - Students will have the opportunity to grow a wide variety of plants indoors using LED lights while learning about the future of food.

    After School Programming - Indoor Soccer - Glenwood school will be offering an 8 week fall and winter session of indoor soccer. More details will be released in September.

    Movie Night(s) - A movie night will be held at Glenwood School or Glenwood C.C in October. A big thanks to Deep and Pauline in Gr 6/7 for their help with the "student interest" survey. 

    Sports Days - We have some fun Sports Days planned but won't be revealing any details until the fall as we want it to be a surprise!


    Stay Warm This Winter!

    🧣🧤🧥 Clothing Closet with Warm Winter Wear 🧥🧤🧣

    As the temperature drops and winter approaches, we want to ensure that everyone in our community stays warm and comfortable. That's why we are excited to announce the opening of our Clothing Closet with Warm Winter Wear!

    What to Expect:

     Free Winter Clothing: Browse through a wide selection of warm clothing, including coats, scarves, gloves, hats, and more – all available at no cost.

    🌟 Variety of Sizes: We have clothing items in various sizes for adults and children, so everyone can find something to keep them warm.

    🤗 Community Spirit: Join us in the spirit of giving and receive the warmth and comfort you deserve during the cold winter months.

    Donations Welcome: If you have gently-used winter clothing items that you would like to donate to help those in need, please feel free to drop them off at the CLW office at Glenwood School at any time. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

    Please contact Mr. Ritchot at [] to book an appointment between 8 AM and 4 PM Monday to Friday. In your email, please provide a range of times you're available, and he will book you a 20-minute appointment where you will have an opportunity to browse the closet.

    Due to high demand and limited sizes, this program will only be open to Glenwood students and their families. We ask that you only select the items that meet your current needs and not select items that would be worn in future seasons.

    For more information or if you have questions, please feel free to reach out to Mr. Ritchot at []. The location of the event is the CLW office at Glenwood School.

    Community Liaison Worker Contact Information: 

    Jason Ritchot

    Community Liaison - Glenwood School