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  • Morrow Avenue Day Care

    ​Glenwood School houses the Morrow Avenue Day Care — a private day care that operates before-and-after-school programming and a half-day program for the school’s kindergarten students.

    Our Philosophy

    • Each child is a unique individual with rights for love, respect and quality care in a safe, warm and nurturing environment.
    • We believe in the whole child—physical, emotional, social and intellectual growth.
    • Children are encouraged to develop self-confidence and a positive self-image through various activities.
    • Children have the opportunity to learn to make choices and decisions, solve problems and become independent capable thinkers.
    • Children are encouraged to share with others and respect themselves.
    • Early Childhood Educators are trained and knowledgeable in child development, in addition to being warm, loving individuals.
    • Parents play the most important role in their child’s life; they are welcomed and encouraged to become involved in their child’s daily activities.

    Our Goals

    To provide children with an optimal environment that promotes their physical, social and emotional development.

    • We provide various experiences in a balanced environment.
    • We provide a warm, safe, healthy and nurturing environment.
    • We provide individual attention.
    • We offer a stable routine with consistent discipline based on children’s needs.
    • We have well equipped programs with the flexibility to meet diverse needs.
    • We support modeling and coaching for appropriate problem solving.
    • We believe in developmentally appropriate limits and expectations.
    • We offer regular observations and assessments of children’s development.
    • We provide stimulating programming based on emergent curriculum that responds to children’s needs and interests.
    • We offer the lowest child to staff ratio possible.
    • We apply quality assurance tools and rating scales with a focus on continually improving quality of care.
    • We model, teach and promote life skills and healthy lifestyles.
    • We hire trained, professional, caring ECEs.
    • We promote diversity.