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  • Student Services

    The counselling program at Frontenac School is offered to our K-8 students and families. This confidential service provides a forum in which the safety and well-being of individuals is priority.

    df32f943-20d5-4a99-96d4-dc5d2a7673cd_frontenac04.jpgThe overall purpose of Student Services, like teaching, is to maximize the learning potential of children. Student Service philosophy operates under the basic assumption that children who feel capable and worthwhile will gain the maximum benefit from their school experience. Individual and/or group sessions are provided for any student who needs support and guidance. Some of the group counselling topics that are given throughout the year include family group (separation/divorce), friendship, loss, self-development, social skills building and stress management. Referrals for the groups are provided by the classroom teachers, administration, families or the students themselves. The counsellor also collaborates with classroom teachers to provide developmentally appropriate topics such as; making healthy choices, human sexuality, decision making and problem solving as well as bullying and harassment. The counsellor also provides referrals to school and community agencies when home and school agree that it is necessary.

    The Resource teachers at Frontenac School provide educational support for students and their teachers. Direct service to the students is provided either in the classroom or in another setting as required by the short-term needs of the student. Indirect service is provided through consultation, collaboration and coordination with the classroom teacher, the principal and the parents. Individual Education Plans (IEPs) are developed for students by the student services personnel, classroom teachers, and parents. Student Services also plan and run small group sessions for social skills, life skills training, and nutrition training through the Learning Unbelievable Nutritious Choices for Healthy Eating (LUNCH) program.