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  • Code of Conduct

    At Frontenac School, all people will be respectful of others and act responsibly for the good of our school and our community

    Our Code of Conduct is based upon the following beliefs as stated in Divisional

    Policy JK – Student Discipline:

    • The ultimate goal of a Code of Conduct is to develop student self-discipline, knowing most students behave appropriately.
    • Attributes of appropriate behaviour include but are not limited to:

      • respect for self and others;

      • empathy;

      • cooperation;

      • courtesy;

      • responsibility;

      • honesty;

      • respect for self and others;

    • Responses to behaviour occur with consideration for individual needs and circumstances.

    • Effective behaviour management strategies:

      • promote self-disciplineare pro-active;

      • are based on fair and equitable treatment;

      • consider developmental differences;

      • support constructive behaviour change;

      • respect the findings of educational research;

      • consider the safety and welfare of the school and community.

    • Parents/Guardians play a significant role in shaping their child’s behaviour and attitudes and therefore the Division strives for a constructive partnership with the home.

    • Adults have the responsibility to model for students those attributes and behaviours which support a positive learning environment.

    • We will be Respectful by:

      • keeping hands and feet to ourselves

      • speaking, writing and behaving politely

      • taking care of school property and the property of others.

      • working and playing together cooperatively

      • playing safely and fairly

      • solving conflicts non-aggressively

      • honouring the rights of others

      • recognizing and developing our individual talents

    • We will be Responsible by:

      • attending regularly

      • arriving on time

      • coming to class prepared

      • listening and following directions

      • completing all assignments on time

      • accepting the consequences for our actions

      • doing our best

      • dressing appropriately

    The following expectations derive from the Public Schools Act:

    • Pupils and staff must behave in a respectful manner and comply with the code of conduct

    • Bullying, or abusing physically, sexually or psychologically – orally, in writing or otherwise – any person is unacceptable

    • Discriminating unreasonably on the basis of any characteristic set out in subsection 9(2) of The Human Rights Code is unacceptable

    • Using, possessing or being under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs at school is unacceptable

    • Gang involvement will not be tolerated on school sites

    • Possessing a weapon, as “weapon” is defined in section 2 of the Criminal Code (Canada), will not be tolerated on school sites

    • Pupils and Staff must adhere to school policies respecting appropriate use of electronic mail and the Internet, including the prohibition of material that the school has determined to be objectionable

    Responses to inappropriate behaviour:

    • Disciplinary consequences of violating the Code of Conduct are subject to the following policies of the Louis Riel School Division:

      • JK Student Discipline

      • JICI/JICK Responses to Use of Weapons & Violent Behaviour in the Learning Environment

      • JICH Student Use of Alcohol and Other Drugs

      • JKD/JKE Student Suspension/Expulsion

      • ACF/G Interpersonal Relations and Resolution of Concerns About Harassment/Discrimination

    • Interventions, including disciplinary consequences for violating the Code of Conduct, in all situations are intended to preserve the dignity and self worth of all involved in the disciplinary action. Interventions/consequences may include the following based on policies listed above:

      • Counseling

      • Formal conference

      • Temporary withdrawal from the classroom

      • Removal of privileges

      • Detention

      • Restitution

      • Clinician referral

      • Performance contract

      • Police involvement

      • In-School Suspension

      • Out-of-School Suspension

    Interested members of our school community may access copies of the above policies from the Louis Riel School Division website or the school administration.

    The process for appealing disciplinary decisions begins with the school administration. Further appeal is possible; refer to Appendix E of Policy BC – Board Authority and Conduct.