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  • School Plans and Reports

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    The Nelson McIntyre Collegiate School Plan, along with the Louis Riel School Division Multi-Year, parallels the quadrants of the Circle of Courage, an Indigenous inspired whole-learner framework for a holistic learning journey.

    Generosity—Strategic Priority 1:  Creating a Culture of Caring and Collaboration

    Nelson McIntyre staff, students, and parents recognize the value of care, concern and support for each other.  This recognition stems from an explicit focus on supportive collaboration, a willingness to take risks and learn from reflection, critique, and revision.

    An focus on Active Citizenship is incorporated into classes as part of the Project-Based Learning Model.  A focus on leadership that provides service to others helps to create a culture of caring.

    Belonging—Strategic Priority 2:  Creating a Culture of Equity and Inclusion

    Nelson McIntyre Collegiate works diligently to create a warm and caring culture.  Students, especially in Grade 9, spend the first six weeks focusing on this connection.  Inclusion is a critical value so that activities and spaces are developed with this in mind.

    A focus on student voice and choice helps create a sense of empowerment and develops an understanding of the value of diverse thinking and perspectives.

    Mastery—Strategic Priority 3:  Creating a Culture of Learning and Well

    An emphasis on deep learning is apparent in every aspect of Nelson McIntyre Collegiate.  From project development, to the inquiry process, to assessment practices, deep learning and therefore, mastery learning, is the focus of all classes. Students learn more deeply when reflection, critique and revision, are part of their learning process with an emphasis on Growth Mindset.  Goal setting in the norm, and is essential for student growth through out the subject areas.

    Independence—Strategic Priority 4:  Creating a Culture of Inquiry and Responsibility

    Through our work in Interdisciplinary classes, self-paced math, and Physical Education, students work towards independence by setting goals, practicing project and time management, and building curiosity and inquisitiveness.  We work to provide opportunities to increase students independence over time so that by the end of their high school experience, students are self-directed learners.