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  • Code of Conduct

    Niakwa Place School is a safe, secure school. The positive learning environment we have is based on respect for everyone-practiced by everyone. Our code of conduct underlies our belief that everyone should be respectful of others, responsible for learning and accountable for both.

    At Niakwa Place School we believe that everyone...

    • wants to learn, and that a warm and orderly environment is conducive to learning.
    • deserves to be safe and happy.
    • deserves to be treated with unconditional positive regard.
    • is responsible for allowing learning to take place by being respectful and courteous.

    We expect students to...

    • treat each other and staff members with respect
    • follow school rules, in the classroom, on the playground, and on the way to and from school.
    • respect school property, personal property and the property of others
    • practice good behaviours that allow them and others to learn.