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  • Library Services

    ​To opens doors to Literature Appreciation and Reading and to Information Literacy.

    Our Library is:

    • an extension of our classrooms, supporting the classroom learning
    • an exploration centre where students work with resources, technology and each other
    • a network to other libraries and community resources
    • an active partner in the learning process
    • a people place, full of activity and hands-on learning like:
      • I Love to Read activities;
      • Book Fairs;
      • Visitations;
      • Weekly Book Exchange

    Our school library program aims to create information literate students, who are:

    • competent
    • independent learners
    • able to manage technology tools to access information and communicate
    • flexible and can adapt to change
    • able to function independently and in groups
    • informed decision makers and life long learners.


    A Teacher Librarian whose role includes the provision of professional leadership in library management administration, and cooperative and collaborative program planning and teaching.

    A Library Assistant who assists in the daily organization of the Library, and overseeing systems to manage the collection of resources. An invaluable partner in the administering of the Library, her/his daily tasks consist of such responsibilities as circulation and shelving, processing and repairing, and other.

    Borrowing Materials

    Victor Mager students and their families may borrow materials for a loan period of one week.

    Overdue, Damaged, or Lost Materials. Letters will be sent home periodically to ask families to help their child/children locate lost items. Replacement cost will be charged for anything that’s lost. If the items are found and returned in acceptable condition, a refund will be made.